Driving Safety and Hearing Loss

Oct 15, 2021 | News

Although sight remains the primary sense in driving, hearing also plays a significant role. However, a hearing loss doesn’t stop you from driving. It just requires being more prepared and taking the necessary precautions to drive safely. In this regard, this article shares some important points about driving safely with hearing loss.

Bilateral deafness generally reduces the perception of external sounds, while unilateral deafness prevents the correct localization of the origin of sounds. The evidence suggests that hearing loss is more prevalent among people over 50, with presbycusis onset. Almost half of the aged population has some hearing loss. However, despite that, they’re all great drivers.

It is recommended to wear hearing aids if a person has moderate to severe hearing loss to drive safely. The hearing aids help lookout for police sirens, horns, and other sounds on the road. Even mild hearing loss can lead to severe consequences if proper precautions are not taken. Always wear your hearing aids to drive safely. By not wearing them, you not only put yourself in danger but the lives of others. If you or someone in your family regularly drives, even with a mild hearing loss, it’s time to get the hearing aids. Contact Victoria ENT for the right advice and choose from a wide range of some of the best hearing aids of renowned brands.

Do not forget to charge them hearing aids before you go, and always keep spare batteries with you. For rechargeable hearing aids, make sure to charge them fully before hitting the road and also take your portable charger along. Take care of your hearing aids, go for a regular checkup with your hearing care professional and always keep a check on batteries. It is also important to keep your hearing aids clean. If you don’t know how to do it, you can seek assistance.

The advancements and innovations have made today’s hearing aids a marvel of technology that helps distinguish every sound; however, there is still a need to be precautious and avoid any distraction.

While driving with hearing loss, avoid listening to music as it impacts your hearing and lets you operate the volume buttons, distracting you from the road. If the passengers are talking too much, ask them not to speak loudly. It might also take your attention away from the road. Keeping the car windows closed also minimizes noise, helping you to concentrate better on the road. And last but not least, avoid using your phone!

We hope the information has helped you understand driving safety with hearing loss. For more information and details, contact Victoria ENT!