Managing Stress During the Holidays

Nov 19, 2021 | News

Travel is stimulating and enjoyable for most people, but some aspects can be intimidating and challenging for those with hearing loss. Don’t let hearing loss negatively affect your holiday experience! A little preparation can go a long way.

Common Problems When Traveling

Travel poses many challenges for people with hearing difficulties, especially those who have not yet sought treatment.

Some of the most common problems are inability to hear important announcements (for example, time to board the plane), difficulty in making telephone reservations, problems understanding a foreign language or local terminology, inability to hear or participate in activities such as group visits, museum lectures, live performances, etc.

In addition to these challenges, hearing loss can endanger the person. Situations like safety announcements on the plane or tours, smoke or fire alarms during emergencies, or vehicle sirens can pose a danger to the person with hearing loss.

The use of hearing aids greatly improved the travel experience for many hearing-impaired tourists, who can now do so without additional hassle or worry. Only prior advice is required!

Tips to Manage Stress During the Holidays With Hearing Loss

Taking steps to ensure that hearing loss does not negatively affect your holiday can eliminate much-associated stress. Below are some tips and tricks that can help you.

 Preparations Before Leaving

  • Make reservations online. In this way, all confirmation will be in writing, including prices, dates and other travel arrangements.
  • Print your reservation confirmations and itinerary, and put that information in a folder to take with you on the trip.
  • Make sure you know in advance the changes of train or plane, locations of airports, stations and pickup points for buses, etc.
  • Get your hearing aids checked beforehand
  • Traveling to an unfamiliar place is exciting, but it can turn into a real nightmare in case of hearing aid issues. Get your hearing devices checked before going on vacation.

Items to Pack

Be sure to pack the items listed below in your carry-on, in sufficient quantity to last the entire trip, and maybe a few more days to cover unexpected delays or changes in plans:

  • Batteries for replacement
  • Replacement mold, Audio adapter, and other related items
  • Hearing aid cases
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Hearing aid dehydrator
  • A cell phone compatible with your hearing devices, preferably smart models that also serve as alarm clocks, satellite maps and entertainment systems
  • A notepad and pen (in case you need another way to communicate)
  • Carry an additional hearing aid (it may be a previous model that you no longer use), which will give you peace of mind in case of loss or damage to any of the ones you have in use.
  • Hearing aid devices such as FM systems and Bluetooth accessories can make communicating with others much easier if you are in a crowded environment.

For Guided Tours and Walks

Frequency modulated (FM) and magnetic ring systems are used worldwide to help people with hearing loss when they attend talks, museums, auditoriums, or guided city tours. Make sure these services are available.

Try Meditation and Yoga During the Holidays

Yoga and meditation is an activity accessible to all that play favorably for overall well-being and reducing stress. No matter your experience level, it is always good to practice these positions that relax the whole body. There’s no need to meditate for hours. Only a few minutes are enough to bring down the stress level.

Do not let your loved ones travel without a specialized hearing aid. For more information about hearing aids, visit Victoria ENT, specialists in Victoria, Texas, in quality hearing aid and hearing care! Your trip during your holiday should be a pleasant experience! Don’t let hearing loss stop you from enjoying yourself! If you are hard of hearing, a little foresight can make things easier.