Why You Should Seek Expert Help for Hearing Loss

Jul 24, 2019 | News

If you’re experiencing hearing loss as an adult or senior, an audiologist can help you improve your daily quality of life with tailored solutions.

Audiologists specialize in managing and treating hearing and tinnitus disorders. If you’re experiencing hearing loss as an adult or senior, an audiologist can help you improve your daily quality of life with tailored solutions. While an audiologist might not be able to restore your hearing, he/she may recommend modern-day solutions that are the next best thing. Here’s what you need to know about seeing an audiologist – and how one of our experts can help you live your best life.

Who Are Audiologists?

An audiologist is a trained expert who can diagnose, treat, and prevent hearing or balance problems in patients who report difficulties. They can provide tailored and professional services that improve a patient’s ability to participate in activities that would otherwise be too difficult. With effective management through an audiologist, a person can effectively manage symptoms and live their best lives.

Audiologists are trained to address a wide range of hearing and balance needs, including:

Hearing aids and assistive devices – An audiologist can confirm the presence of hearing loss through testing and help find the right device to improve daily hearing.

Hearing loss – an audiologist has the training to address, evaluate, and suggest treatment for a myriad of hearing, tinnitus, and balance issues.

Hearing screening – using a specialized process, audiologists screen people of all ages to identify or rule out potential hearing disorders. Completing a screening will effectively identify if a patient suffers from hearing loss, and to what degree.

Hearing loss prevention strategies – audiologists provide counseling about the detrimental effects of loud noise and provide suggestions to prevent initial or further hearing loss at work and more.

Tinnitus disorders – tinnitus is an uncomfortable condition that results in ringing in the ears, sometimes with accompanying balance issues. An audiologist can provide counseling, treatment, and other solutions to this problem.

How An Audiologist Can Help

Audiologists are advanced degree professionals, usually with a master’s or doctoral degree. This makes them one of the most qualified professionals to diagnose, treat, and provide solutions to your hearing and balance disorder. You might receive a referral to an audiologist from your ENT or primary care physician if you complain of hearing loss or symptoms like ringing in the ears or vertigo. An audiologist selects hearing aids and other tools based on their in-depth knowledge of the auditory and vestibular (balance) system.

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